4 Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

Sep 03, 2018

Energy efficiency is a growing topic of concern for homeowners. Many people have noticed that their utility bills are going up, even if daily habits and energy usage seems to be consistent. The utility companies continue to increase the rates over the years, and families are starting to feel the pinch of higher utility costs. If you are worried about the amount of money that you are spending on utilities, then you need to look into replacement windows and doors in Milwaukee, WI.  

Here are a few energy efficiency tips to help with your goals of reducing the energy costs:  

Tip #1: Upgrade the HVAC System  

An old, outdated heater might take the edge off on a cold winter day, but a large amount of energy is required to maintain the indoor temperature. Even though the heater is running, you might not be maximizing the heat production that is available. Over time, it is normal for equipment to wear down, resulting in lower quality performance. Consider the option to get rid of your old heater and install a new, energy efficient system instead.  

Tip #2: Install Solar Panels  

Solar installation is a great way to avoid high utility costs. Solar panels can be installed on your home to generate energy from the sun. Then, that energy can be used to heat your home and run the electric appliances. Even though there are many benefits from solar power, some homeowners are worried about the cost of installation. This solution will pay off in the long run, so only consider solar upgrades if you aren’t planning to move for a while.  

Tip #3: Use a Smart Thermostat  

There’s no reason to be running the heater when everyone is gone to school or work for the day. Use a smart thermostat that can be adjusted by using an app on your cell phone. You can program the temperature management based on your typical daily schedule. If anything changes and you need to adjust the indoor climate, you can make these adjustments through the app. Managing the temperature throughout the day will help with indoor climate consistency. As a result, you will avoid the higher utility costs that happen when the heater is turned up temporarily.  

Tip #4: Replace the Doors and Windows  

The windows and doors in your home are likely big offenders against your energy efficiency efforts. If these materials are outdated, then it means that thermal transfer is happening through the doors and windows. Your HVAC system might be generating heat in the winter. But, that heat is lost through the poorly insulated doors and windows. Get rid of these outdated materials and invest in new products instead.  Milwaukee, WI replacement windows and doors

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