Common Window Problems and Solutions in Waukesha, WI

Apr 23, 2018

Do you have the right windows installed in your Waukesha, WI home? If you are dealing with climate control problems that impact the comfort in your home, then it could be a sign that you need to repair or replace the windows. Here are some of the problems that you might be encountering:

Drafty Air Indoors

You shouldn’t be feeling drafts that come inside from the outside weather. Good windows have a solid seal that keeps the inclement weather outside. So, you can turn on the heater or air conditioner without worrying that the temperature will change due to the drafts.

How can you tell if your windows are drafty? Hold your hand up around the window frame. Can you feel a draft coming in around the window? Then you know that you might need to improve the seal around the windows or install new products. Another test is to hold a candle flame near the window frame. If the flame flickers a lot, then it is an indication that drafts are coming in through the windows.

Temperature Fluctuations

Walk around your home to see if you can feel changes in the temperature. Even though your heater is blowing warm air throughout your home, it might be hard to maintain a comfortable temperature if the windows don’t offer the insulation that is needed.

When you have temperature fluctuations, then it makes it more expensive to control the climate inside. As a result, your energy bills go up, and it will be challenging to manage your spending. The best solution is to choose energy efficient windows that offer the insulating features that you need.

Outdated Windows and Frames

The aesthetics of your home are impacted by the appearance of your windows. Do you cringe when you look at the appearance of your property? If your house looks different compared to the other homes in the neighborhood, then it could be an indication that you need to refinish the window frames or update the windows. Other home renovations can help with curb appeal as well.

Depending on the types of windows that you have, you might be able to save money by refinishing the frames. If you have good, insulating glass with wood window frames, consider the option to paint the frames. But, other types of materials, such as vinyl, can’t be painted. So, the windows need to be replaced if you want a different color or style.

Designing Custom Windows for Your Home

There’s no doubt that new windows in Waukesha, WI make a big difference in the quality of your home. If you are debating whether to repair the windows or install new materials, then you should schedule a consultation for personalized recommendations. Our team will inspect your windows and help you determine the best services to match your needs.

Call Wisconsin Weatherall for more information about window repair and installation. We offer these services in Waukesha, WI, and the nearby cities. You can visit us at S28 W31135 Wild Berry Lane, Waukesha, WI 53188. Or, call for more details: (414) 305-2622

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