When Should You Schedule Installation for Your Windows in Sussex, WI?

Jun 12, 2017

After you make the decision to install new windows in your Sussex, WI home, the next decision is a timeline for the installation. How do you pick the best time of year for these upgrades?

Here at Wisconsin Weatherall, we offer window replacement services all year long. We have found that there are benefits to each season for your installation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that windows should only be installed in the warmer months. The truth is, year-round window installation is possible if you hire a professional team.

Even if it is cold outside, there will never be a time when your home is fully open to the weather. We work on one window at a time and there will only be a short thirty-minute timeframe when the room is exposed to the outdoor temperature.


Benefits of a Spring or Summer Installation

The benefits of installing windows in the spring or summer are obvious. The pleasant weather outside will make it easier for the installation team to complete the work. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about some of the caulking problems that can occur in inclement weather. Cold temperatures and moisture could impact the way the caulk sets, so summer is an ideal time for installation.

There are a few drawbacks to installation during spring or summer. This time of year is considered “busy season,” so you might have to wait until the contractor has time to complete your installation. If you want the installation during the warmer months, you need to plan ahead by talking to the contractor as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Fall or Winter Installation

Having windows installed during the “off season” will reduce the amount of time you will need to wait for the project to be completed. If the weather is cold and wet, the installers will take necessary measures to minimize the loss of heat in your home.

This installation can also be helpful to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you are paying expensive utility bills because the windows are drafty and cold, take action right now to stop the heat loss. Sealing the windows is the best step to get rid of the drafts and manage your utility costs.

Schedule Your Window Installation

So, when is the best time to install new windows in Sussex, WI? It’s up to you! Choose a time that will be best for your schedule and we will gladly work around your preferences. You are welcome to start the conversation right now so you can learn more about the options. Then, you can take the time to make your decision and pick a month for your installation.

Here at Wisconsin Weatherall, our goal is to educate you about the widows industry without making you feel pressured into making a decision right away. We are always here to answer your questions and help with anything that you need! Visit our showroom at S28W31135 Wild Berry Ln Waukesha, WI 53188. Or, call our office to setup a time for a complimentary consultation: (414) 305-2622.

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