Weather Stripping or Replacement Windows for Your Waukesha, WI Home?

Apr 24, 2017

Have you noticed that your window are drafty and letting in moisture? Then you need to take action as soon as possible to seal the windows and fix the problem! Procrastinating these home improvement projects can have serious effects on the quality of your Waukesha, WI home.


The Costly Result of Delaying Window Repairs

Not only will your utility bills go up when the windows are leaking or broken, but you could also be dealing with collateral damage from the problems.

For example, if there is draft around a window frame, it could be letting in moisture. In the winter, this moisture can freeze, which could expand around the frame. As the water expands into ice, the frame can be damaged because of the pressure. Then, you will need to replace the windows before more damage occurs.

Another form of collateral damage that can occur is mold development. If it is warm enough that the seeping moisture doesn’t freeze, the damp materials can begin to grow mold. Once mold develops in your home, it requires a lot of work to eliminate the problem and eradicate the mold. This type of remediation could cost thousands of dollars if the mold spreads to other areas in your home!

Cheapest Solution: Proactive Repairs and Replacement

Instead of waiting for serious problems to develop, the cheapest solution is to take a proactive approach to repair and replace the windows in your home. How do you know if minor repairs will be sufficient, or if you need to replace the windows?

The best thing that you can do is talk to a window expert. If there are only small issues, we can apply caulking or weather-stripping to seal the cracks. Sealing the window frames decreases the drafty air and moisture that comes in through the cracks.

In the situation where major damage has occurred, then you need to consider the benefits of replacing the windows in your home. The investment of replacement windows will provide you with a long list of benefits that you will enjoy for many years.

If the windows need to be replaced, then it is better to make these upgrades before the additional damage occurs. This strategy keeps your home protected so that you can avoid unnecessary, costly repairs.

Talking to a Window Installation Team

Are you trying to decide on the best types of repairs for your home? We invite you to contact our team to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will gladly come to your home to inspect your windows. Then we can make recommendations to help you see the pros and cons of both weather-stripping and replacement windows in Waukesha, WI.

Our team at Wisconsin Weatherall has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in the local area. You can visit us anytime at S28W31135 Wild Berry Ln Waukesha, WI 53188. Call our office to learn more about the services and products that we offer for your home: (414) 305-2622.

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