What is the Best Season for Replacement Windows and Doors?

Jul 23, 2018

It seems obvious that summer is an ideal time to work on exterior home renovations. But, did you know that many of these projects can be completed throughout the year? There is no reason why you need to adjust your summer or fall plans around the installation of replacement windows and doors in Waukesha, WI. Instead, set your family schedule and then identify the installation timeframe that works for your calendar.

No Reason to Hesitate about Cold Weather Installation

It makes sense that homeowners are worried about installing new doors and windows during the cold weather months. Many people are worried that the warm air will escape during the installation process. Additionally, there is replacement windows and doors in Waukesha, WIa concern about the outside elements coming inside when the windows have been removed.

Other hesitations about cold weather installation are found in the mud and snow that will be tracked inside by the crew. You want to protect your home, so it makes sense to choose the optimal time for your home construction.

You can put these worries to rest! Our team understands your concerns, and we are working hard to provide unbeatable service throughout the year. Whether you are replacing a single window or you want to renovate the entire home, we are happy to work around your preferred schedule. Have the confidence to know that quality installation is available regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Benefits of Cold Weather Installation

In fact, some people find that cold weather installation is preferred over construction in the summer months. Often, homeowners can find promotions or discounts that are available during these times of the year. Plus, the installation schedule often has more availability since other homeowners are waiting until spring or summer.

If your windows are drafty and cold, then there is no reason why you need to suffer through another uncomfortable winter. Instead, you should talk to us about the installation options that are available to help you enjoy the rest of the year.

Special Considerations During the Winter Months

We take extra precautions to protect your home if the installation is completed during the winter months. For example, each room is closed off when we are working on the window replacement, helping to reduce the heat loss that happens. We only remove a single window at a time, which means that there is minimal outdoor exposure to your home.

The floors and your furniture are always protected with coverings that we lay down before starting the work. These protective layers offer protection from the foot traffic as well as the debris that happen during the construction.

When you are ready to replace the drafty features of your home, then you need to talk to our team about replacement windows and doors in Waukesha, WI. We provide a wide range of products to meet your needs. Contact Wisconsin Weatherall by visiting our showroom, located at S28 W31135 Wild Berry Lane, Waukesha, WI 53188. Call any time if you prefer to schedule a consultation in your home: (414) 305-2622

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